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About Obrador Fierro

At Obrador Fierro, we combine tradition with innovation to offer you the best artisan cakes. From classic cakes to personalized creations, our passion for pastry is reflected in every product that comes out of our workshop. We supply our delicious cakes to the best companies in the area, guaranteeing quality and satisfaction in every bite.

Our Specialties

Classic Cakes

Traditional flavors that never go out of style.

Classic tarts are a timeless delight that have conquered palates from generation to generation. With flavors such as soft cheesecake, irresistible apple pie with cinnamon, and decadent chocolate cake, these delicacies evoke family memories and special celebrations. More than a dessert, classic tarts are an experience that connects us to tradition and proves that good things always last.

Modern Cakes

Contemporary designs and innovative flavors.

Modern cakes stand out for their creativity and innovation in baking. With designs that resemble works of art and bold flavors that defy traditional expectations, these cakes surprise and delight. Perfect for special occasions, they combine unexpected ingredients and advanced techniques, reflecting the trend toward the new and exciting in gastronomy.

Personalized Cakes

Tailor-made for any occasion.

Personalized cakes are ideal for any celebration, adapting to individual tastes and preferences. Whether for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or corporate events, these cakes are designed specifically to meet the customer's wishes. With a wide variety of flavors and decorations, each cake becomes a unique piece that adds a special and memorable touch to any occasion.

Cakes for Celebrations

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Celebration cakes are the essential touch to make any occasion memorable. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or other celebration, these cakes are the center of attention. With creative designs and delicious flavors, they fit the theme and style of the party. From classic to personalized, they sweeten life's most important moments.

Communion Cakes

Elegance and sweetness for a special day.

Communion cakes add a special touch to this important event in a child's life. With their elegance and sweetness, they become the center of attention of the celebration. From classic designs to personalized creations, each cake adapts to the style of the celebrant. With delicious flavors and carefully crafted decorations, these cakes are an expression of love and celebration on a memorable day.

Wedding Cakes.

The cake of your dreams for the most important day of your life.

Wedding cakes are true culinary masterpieces that celebrate the love and beauty of a couple's most special day. Every detail, from the design to the exquisite flavors, is customized to reflect the dreams and desires of the bride and groom, making them the perfect complement to an unforgettable celebration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of classic cakes are offered?

Classic cakes include traditional flavors such as cheesecake, apple cinnamon and chocolate.

What makes custom cakes unique?

Customized cakes are designed specifically according to the customer's tastes and preferences, making them unique and memorable pieces for any occasion.

What events are ideal for celebration cakes?

Celebration cakes are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events where you want to add a sweet and festive touch.

Why are wedding cakes considered culinary masterpieces?

Wedding cakes are designed with meticulous details to reflect the love and beauty of the wedding day, making them culinary works of art that celebrate the couple's union.

What flavor options can be found in modern cakes?

Modern cakes offer a wide variety of innovative flavors, from unexpected combinations of ingredients to bold flavors that defy traditional expectations.

How do you customize cakes to suit different events?

Cakes are customized with creative designs and specific flavors to suit the theme and style of each celebration.